& Canoes

Brews & Canoes is a signature event series that brings together wilderness enthusiasts to connect with one another, get inspired to plan their next adventure, and take action to help protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Each year, Friends hosts a new series of Brews & Canoes events. Take a look through the archives below or view the event calendar and attend the next Brews & Canoes event near you.

Brews & Canoes: Brewers’ Challenge

In 2014, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, Friends hosted the first Brews & Canoes – a craft brewing competition that hosted nine breweries from across the state. Brewers were encouraged to draw inspiration for their entries from the wilderness themes reflected in the Wilderness Act – untrammeled, nature, tranquil, rugged adventure and camaraderie.

Learn more about the winning brews » 

Brews & Canoes: Adventurers’ Series

Minnesota is home to a number of expedition adventurers. In 2015, Friends hosted Arctic explorer Lonnie Dupre, expedition paddler Natalie Warren, and adventure blogger Daniel Alvarez to share tales from their inspiring trips crisscrossing North America.

Brews & Canoes: Boundary Waters Trivia

People who love the Boundary Waters, really love the Boundary Waters. In 2016, the Friends hosted some friendly competition between wilderness enthusiasts with a series of BWCAW trivia nights. Learning about the BWCAW and winning prizes, what could be better?