Celebrate 40 Years of the BWCAW


The Boundary Waters is a refuge to a unique array of life, including plants and animals found nowhere else in Minnesota. Even on longer trips, say seven to 10 days, you can only see a small part of the one-million-plus acres contained in this wilderness.

It’s why so many people come back year after year, and a few have a lifetime goal of visiting every lake or every entry point.

A legacy of conservation  

October 21st will mark the 40th anniversary of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Act being signed into law. To celebrate the piece of legislation that did so much to preserve the Boundary Waters as we know it today, the Friends has prepared a visually stunning State of the Boundary Waters report, which is now available to the public.

We put together this report to make people aware that though the BWCAW is protected and overall healthy, it faces big issues. In recent years, the proposed sulfide mines have been the big story, and the Friends has taken the federal government to court over this issue, but other threats from climate change, invasive species, air pollution and more could cause long-lasting and irreversible damage to the Wilderness.

Preserving the BWCAW for future generations

Those of us who love the BWCAW share a responsibility to ensure this unique wilderness, protected by those who came before us, can be passed on to future generations as healthy and as whole as we found it.

With graphs, maps, photographs and insightful essays, we hope the State of the Boundary Waters report will give you a new perspective on BWCAW and inspire you to protect this national treasure. Download your free copy today!