Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota’s only National Park, is located just west of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Voyageurs includes four major lakes: Namakan, Kabetogama, Sand Point and Rainy. Voyageurs only includes part of Rainy Lake, with much more of the lake in Canada.

Kayaking in Voyageurs National Park – image courtesy of VNPA

Seeking a non-motorized experience, many visitors enjoy kayaking in Voyageurs. Sea kayaks are well-suited to these big bodies of water and can provide an intimate experience with the Park’s dramatic cliffs, pines and other natural features.Voyageurs differs from the BWCAW in many ways, though it shares a similar ecosystem and history. Voyageurs is water-based, like the BWCAW, though motor boats are allowed on almost all its waters. Like the BWCAW, camping is dispersed, but Voyageurs offers picnic tables, bear lockers and a few more amenities at its campsites than the Boundary Waters do.

The Friends works closely with our partners Voyageurs National Park Association on combined efforts to protect this “one-two punch” of a neighboring National Park and Wilderness area.