and Monitoring

The Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness’ advocacy work is rooted in the belief that for sound, sustainable decisions to be made about the management of our northern woods, lakes, rivers, and wildlife habitat, decision-makers need access to the best scientific information possible. Too often, decisions about mining activities, timber management, and wildlife habitat alterations are made without as much information as managing agencies would prefer or that the public deserves to have.

To address this need, the Friends launched a new science program in 2016 to help close information gaps about the lands in and around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. At the core of this new effort is a citizen science initiative that will engage volunteers in data gathering and resource monitoring activities that can inform the development of sound environmental policy. The Friends’ science program will also work to strengthen and build professional connections with the scientific community here in Minnesota and nationally, to ensure that the Friends’ advocacy efforts are informed by current, relevant research.