Looking for ways to bring the wilderness to your classroom?

Want to explore new ways to engage students with core scientific concepts?

An important part of the long-term protection the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is fostering the next generation of wilderness paddlers and explorers. To help inspire youth to connect to the outdoors and learn more about the BWCAW, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness offers two sets of curricula for educators and community or youth groups.

Living for the Wild

Living for the Wild is an essay project designed to encourage young people to think and write about the connection between wild, natural places and places where they connect with and experience nature in their everyday lives. This curriculum provides educators and youth leaders with a series of learning activities, facts about wild and natural places, and guidelines for the Living for the Wild writing project.

The Living for the Wild Curriculum is available as a free download.

Wilderness Kit

The Wilderness Kit is an engaging, hands-on curriculum designed for middle school-aged youth. It introduces students to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and helps them explore and discover the wonders of Minnesota’s one of a kind wilderness area. Covering topics in history, science, and social studies, this energizing curriculum includes exciting games, colorful maps, and age-appropriate activities.

This clear, easy to follow kit was developed with educator involvement and includes instructor background materials and reference sheets. Activities vary from 50 minutes to 5 hours and all materials for the curriculum are included in the kit.

The Wilderness Kit was created in partnership with the Superior National Forest. The complete curriculum, including lesson plans, can be downloaded below: